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First aid for neck pain and back pain

Ouch is in fashion – because somehow we
all have “backs”.

It is a bother with the back, isn’t it? Sometimes you wish for a gentle doctor. Or even better: a wonderful massage for your back and neck. Practised hands would be a dream, Fortunately, it can be done even better, even without strange hands.

Tension headaches,
fingers falling asleep, numb legs – often the back or the neck is to blame.

One wrong move, a long day at the desk, sitting down, falling asleep in front of the TV, getting cold outdoors, an unfamiliar bed, a strange pillow…. Sometimes the pain seems to fly at you almost overnight. When your neck and back hurt, you are guaranteed to be in a bad mood – because at some point you no longer know what hurts, how you should move and where it is best to lie.

How you should move and where you could best start doing something good for yourself. And at some point, the whole back is hardened, you feel lumps and knots, and every movement feels as if you are you are trying to go forward with the brakes still full on.

Instead of painkillers: Fast relief directly
where it hurts!

An astonishing number of people would now simply swallow pain pills. They eventually reach the whole body and maybe the pain even goes away for the time being. But that’s not really targeted. And taking new tablets all the time is probably not what you want either. Perhaps you can take comfort in one thing: most of us are familiar with pain in the back or neck. That is why providers like Magnetix Wellness have started looking for good solutions and discovered really nice things that can also work.

Massage for the back and neck? You can do it yourself!

Massaging – and being massaged, that is just wonderful, so beautiful and often so effective. Now it would be perfect if every grip would sit. An equally good alternative is the massage magnet from Magnetix Wellness. It is always in your grasp, fits well in your hand and can be stroked over the skin comfortably. It is gently moved on the hardened area and the tense muscles, with light and circular movements – on the head or neck, for example.

But the exciting thing against tension is under the rounded surface of the Massage Doc: two extra strong neodymium magnets. The practical massage magnet is as quick to hand as a painkiller, even when you are on the move – but it can be applied specifically where it hurts, on the head, on the shoulder, on the back, on the fingers, directly where the pain begins or where the pain is already radiating. Just give it a try – because the healing effect of massages has long been proven.

Woman being massaged with a massage magnet from Magnetix
Powerful effect – even on the move

The Power Heart by Magnetix Wellness looks like a beautiful accessory, a small piece of jewellery that sits specifically where it is wanted. The fine stainless-steel piece actually looks like a heart. It is easily attached to clothing with an inconspicuous counterpart, e.g., to a thin scarf that is placed around the neck. Hidden in the power heart are extra strong neodymium magnets. Because the heart is flat and yet can be reliably attached, it is close to the body, always in the right place, throughout the day or night, even when on the move or at work. Even when you move around a lot at work, as a hairdresser, craftsman, in a truck, in sales or when serving for example, the power heart is not a nuisance.

A woman using a power heart

Speaking of bandages: Magnetix Wellness also offers special bandages for the back,
that adapt ideally to the back or neck. This even works overnight as the material is so pleasantly soft on the skin. The material almost feels as if one is being caressed. It lies comfortably against the neck and cervical spine, as well as the lumbar vertebrae and lower back, and feels almost like a loving, warming embrace. Exactly what you want when everything hurts. Already tested – really fits everyone.

Bandage for the back attached to the back and shoulder.
When the pain runs deep!

Honestly, we humans are not made for sitting all day. And then you hang there in your chair, in a protective posture, bent like a little worm, often for hours. But it doesn’t help and there is often no other way. Or maybe there is? The magnetic seat cushion makes sitting comfortable and soft. The cushion, available in blue, rosé or brown, looks pretty and fits perfectly on the office chair or on the driver’s seat, e.g., in the truck cab. And just as well, of course, you can take the cushion with you on your travels, in the car, on the bus, on the train or on the plane. Sitting during the day and at work – but that’s only one thing. Even after work, on the sofa for example, your posture may not be exemplary. That is how most of us feel. So, it is all the nicer when the seat cushion can also be used at home too.

Often the cushion is placed in the right place under the bed sheet. Or: the cushion is strapped around the back of the chair or the backrest of the sofa or car seat with the strap, which is also conveniently included, to reach exactly the right spot. Neodymium magnets are concealed inside the cushion. This is great as you will probably want to have the cushion with you everywhere: it is hand-washable, of course.

For the back and neck: the top 5

✔ Check and correct your sitting posture again and again
✔ Power heart
✔ Bandage for the back
✔ Massage magnet
✔ Magnetic seat cushion

Tip for you: Look out for suppliers who are familiar with products for the back and neck, e.g., Magnetix Wellness.

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