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First aid for neck pain and back pain

Ouch is in fashion – because somehow we all have “backs”. It is a bother with the back, isn’t it? Sometimes you wish for a gentle doctor. Or even better: a wonderful massage for your back and neck. Practised hands would be a dream, Fortunately, it can be done even better, even without strange hands. Tension headaches, fingers falling asleep, numb legs – often the back or the neck is to blame. One wrong move, a long day at the desk, sitting down, falling asleep in front of the TV, getting cold outdoors, an unfamiliar bed, a strange pillow…. Sometimes the pain seems to fly at you almost overnight. When your neck and back hurt, you are guaranteed to be in a bad mood – because at some point you no longer know what hurts, how you should move and where it is best to lie.

Heavy legs? Here is how you can finally make it easier on yourself!

Here is good news for those who are on their feet a lot: there are several good ways to relieve the strain on your feet and legs while walking or standing – before it’s time to lie down. If you work in sales or service, you probably get tired feet and legs often enough. Standing for long periods of time, sitting a lot, it’s no fun. When your legs tingle, get heavy, swollen, itchy, it is more than uncomfortable. It may be a sign of weak veins. Or maybe your legs are simply overworked. And even if you like to wear high heels, you know how incredibly painful stressed feet, bunions and cramped calves can feel.