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First aid for neck pain and back pain

Ouch is in fashion – because somehow we all have “backs”. It is a bother with the back, isn’t it? Sometimes you wish for a gentle doctor. Or even better: a wonderful massage for your back and neck. Practised hands would be a dream, Fortunately, it can be done even better, even without strange hands. Tension headaches, fingers falling asleep, numb legs – often the back or the neck is to blame. One wrong move, a long day at the desk, sitting down, falling asleep in front of the TV, getting cold outdoors, an unfamiliar bed, a strange pillow…. Sometimes the pain seems to fly at you almost overnight. When your neck and back hurt, you are guaranteed to be in a bad mood – because at some point you no longer know what hurts, how you should move and where it is best to lie.